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The folks here at EnviroLite are in the business of manufacturing and distributing high quality, low price, environmentally friendly LED lighting fixtures for homes and commercial buildings.

We start by taking the most common design elements and creating integrated LED fixtures that use built in LED light engines to produce light. With an EnviroLite fixture, you will see a sleek, modern version of a classic light fixture when the light is turned off. When the light is turned on, you will enjoy an even light distribution; this means no dark spots or shadows in the lens like you would see using incandescent, CFL, or LED bulbs. And, you can put your ladder away because there are no light bulbs to replace, ever! The best part is that all this light comes to you at the lowest energy consumption and cost available because LED is the most efficient technology available.

Once an EnviroLite LED fixture is designed and built, it goes through rigorous testing and approval by 3rd parties.

  • Design Lights Consortium
  • UL Laboratories
  • ETL
  • California CEC for Title 24

To bring you the best online retail price, we have our website compile the pricing from all of our major online retailers. Each product page will show you where you can find our fixtures and at what price. The folks at EnviroLite have been making light fixtures for over 30 years. You can find EnviroLite LED fixtures at major retailers such as The Home Depot. We hope you will enjoy your visit to our website and will leave a positive online review once you have tried one of our LED light fixtures.